Reading and writing inspire to make you more creative with your speaking

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A first recognizable factor about English language classes is the highlighting of the daily use of language which has to be the main dynamic in anyone’s scaffolding of knowledge. The more any speaker uses it, the more they will be able to use their fresh available knowledge of language. As a teacher, it should be mentioned that reading and writing inspire to make a student more creative with their speaking. This, I think , is found to be a sensible choice to further one’s linguistic knowledge.  I would like to draw attention to students writing their memoirs in class (collected for a final portfolio). This means allowing students ten minutes at the start of each lesson to write about amazing stories in their life. Below is an example to highlight this.

Memoirs – All For Nothing

I had just flown in from Bangkok to Holland and was heading for Euro 2000, the European Football competition between neighbouring Euro countries. I first went to Amsterdam and headed straight for the railway station to chuck my bag in storage, so I could go off to Eindhoven to see England play Portugal.  I had actually booked a ticket to see the rock group Oasis in Hamburg the following day after the match; this was really my only plan. So, at least I knew now I had to get from Eindhoven to Hamburg somehow.

I spent one night in Amsterdam and then the next day went off down to Landgraaf, I had found out about a festival, it was the PinkPop rock festival about an hour or so from Amsterdam; actually having Oasis playing. I always remember going to this concert, as I never had a ticket. As I got there, I saw lots of people in a field, so I spent a good 30 minutes looking how to jump the fence to get in for free only to find out that it was only for tents and the festival was in another field. Anyway, I got a ticket for a cheap price, so it was not a hassle. The festival finished (Oasis without Noel Gallagher), and my next move was thinking about the football. I ended up getting the train to another town one stop down from Eindhoven, as it was full of England football fans who had taken over every hotel. So, I spent the night in the next town; the next night was the big match.

Once again, I was without a ticket. I spent the day drinking and generally mixing with the English fans, fortunately, finding a guy who had tickets for the match. I was a bit wary because this ticket had the owner’s name on it, and match security were going to check tickets and passports too. I bought it anyway; I was going to chance it. I thought if security take the ticket away, at least I tried to get in. And then came the moment of getting in; as I walked closer I saw there were metal fences stopping people, I got my ticket out and showed it. The inspector just looked at the ticket, I had made it past. Yes, I had made it but only to the next fence, there were three of these. The stars were shining that night; I made it past all of them. The match was brilliant too, although we lost to Portugal; damn Figo!

Now, it was time to look for somewhere to stay the night. There was nowhere, I was homeless in Holland. I ended up sitting in a few bars and restaurants which was not nice for me, as you meet up with many weird people from 11pm to 6am. 6am was the time of the train to Hamburg. I was actually early and spent an hour waiting; still seeing England fans going round singing after a big night out. I needed sleep badly. The Oasis concert in Hamburg was that night and I had had no sleep. So, it was just my luck when I got on the train, and it was full and this continued through my three changes of train, as I crossed from Holland to Germany. I actually found a seat, but by that time, I was scared of never waking up and ending up in Russia or something.

So, now I was in Hamburg, I found myself a hotel, had a look around, and made my way to the concert. I could not believe all that I had done over the last few days. This was the only action I had planned. I had a ticket, I was legal. There would be no worries over security, no worries about jumping fences and a nice hotel waiting after. I had looked forward to this concert for the month, I had the ticket. As I got to the stadium, I thought it looked a bit quiet and wondered if I had the right place. I asked one of the guys there and he said the Oasis concert had been cancelled. I had made the trip all for nothing. Nice one Liam!

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